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One of the largest components of your company’s value is its inventory. This is also one of the biggest risk factors to your company. If you lost your inventory of products or goods, could you operate your business? Would it take time to replace these items? READ MORE >>

If you are planning to buy life insurance, your agent likely reviewed a lot of policies with you. With so many options, it can be tough to tell which one is right for you. If you are a newbie to insurance and you simply want coverage right now, you may be in luck. READ MORE >>

Trading in a car to buy another vehicle seems like an attractive option for many people. Instead of coming up with a large down payment, trades can usually offset the balance of their new car. Dealerships base the trade cost on the value of their old car. But, don't act without thoroughly considering the costs of trades. READ MORE >>

Many of us take medications to prevent health conditions from worsening. You likely wonder if your health insurance covers your prescription drug costs. The law requires almost all insurance plans have to offer prescription drug coverage. Some plan providers aren’t required to offer prescription coverage, but nearly all do. READ MORE >>

Lawnmower accidents happen more often than most people realize. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission says 800 children get hit by mowers each year. Of those children, 600 of them require an amputation. Every year, 75 people die as a result of accidents involving lawn mowers and riding mowers. READ MORE >>

You want to make sure that you provide the best working environment for your employees. Strong insurance is part of the security your employees look for from their employer. It is likely your worst business nightmare to see an employee get hurt or sick on the job. READ MORE >>

As important as it may be, many people forget to review their life insurance each year. However, the consequences of failing to review your policy are severe. Without an annual review, you could be underinsured or your former spouse could still be your beneficiary. READ MORE >>

Home insurance provides extensive protection to property owners. If you own a home, whether or not you are carrying a mortgage on it, you have one of the best investments in your financial future in your hands. The key is protecting it. With the right type and amount of insurance, you can do that. READ MORE >>

There’s a growing number of vaccinations that pre-teens and teens need to have. For many parents, these are somewhat new mainly because most parents didn’t have to receive them when they were younger. Perhaps you remember those days of having your infant child getting shots and you thought it was over then. READ MORE >>

As a business owner, you know launching a business is no small feat. You are responsible for hiring employees, carrying out meetings and ensuring that you have exposure to attract customers who need your services or products. All the while, you have to ensure that your business is protected using business insurance; otherwise, you may cripple your business financially. READ MORE >>

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