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Winter weather throws many challenges at drivers, including freezing temperatures, wind and snow. But one of the most treacherous conditions to drive in is freezing rain. This weather phenomenon can occur into the spring, long after you think winter has passed, so it's wise to know more about freezing rain. READ MORE >>

When you are sick, it’s imperative that you have the access to the medical care you need. Although there are many new and exciting changes going on in the insurance industry, you may not always have access to your own, permanent health insurance plan. READ MORE >>

Saving money on home insurance is easier to do now than ever before. You may already know that avoiding claims can keep your premiums from increasing. You may know that bundling policies cuts costs, too. There are various other ways you can reduce what you pay for home insurance if you know what to look for specifically. READ MORE >>

One of the biggest questions we hear from clients is whether or not business insurance covers computer equipment. The answer is both yes and no. If your company is like most, you rely heavily on computer equipment. Whether you use a laptop to write up estimates or a special system for storing data, making sure you have the proper amount of insurance is essential. READ MORE >>

Financial planning is critical to being successful in life, yet it can be challenging for many people. Life insurance, a major component of financial planning, often confuses even the most experienced financial planners. READ MORE >>

As a Millennial, you are in a power position when it comes to getting the best rates from insurance providers. Insurance companies know that people tend to be loyal to brands, so acquiring you as a customer early is beneficial. Unfortunately, young adults are known for driving recklessly, which can drive the costs of auto insurance up for Millennials. READ MORE >>

Melanoma, commonly known as skin cancer, is the most common of all cancers. The single most effective way to prevent the disease is to protect yourself from dangerous UV rays. Never plan to spend time outdoors without some basic necessities to keep yourself safe. READ MORE >>

Most young children enjoy playing outside, and it's beneficial for them too. What looks like simply running and jumping is actually practicing motor skills essential to development. Many parents decide to invest in an outdoor playset for the backyard, as it not only provides children the opportunity to get exercise, but will entertain them for hours. READ MORE >>

Every single business faces risks on a daily business. Yes, some businesses — like construction companies — face risks more often than others, but even quiet office environments have their share of risks. Unfortunately, these risks can eat away at your business' budget if you're not equipped with the appropriate coverage. READ MORE >>

With people living longer and social security benefits diminishing, it's never been more important to sock away money for retirement. Diligent saving over the years helps you create a nest egg for later in life, so the last thing you want is to have to dip into your savings early. READ MORE >>

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