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First Independent - Descamps Insurance Agency Blog: health insurance

View the latest blog posts from First Independent - Descamps Insurance Agency.

When you have health insurance, you’re still likely to pay some residual costs for certain elements of your health care. These include your deductible At times, the deductible can confuse many Americans. Deductibles have an important impact on your health insurance costs and your coverage. READ MORE >>

Science tells us that too much sunshine can be very harmful to anyone. This can make your time in the sun a serious medical risk. Sun exposure can cause serious physical harm should people not protect themselves. It might lead to dehydration, severe sunburn, and infection. READ MORE >>

Many of us take medications to prevent health conditions from worsening. You likely wonder if your health insurance covers your prescription drug costs. The law requires almost all insurance plans have to offer prescription drug coverage. Some plan providers aren’t required to offer prescription coverage, but nearly all do. READ MORE >>

There’s a growing number of vaccinations that pre-teens and teens need to have. For many parents, these are somewhat new mainly because most parents didn’t have to receive them when they were younger. Perhaps you remember those days of having your infant child getting shots and you thought it was over then. READ MORE >>

The statistics on childhood obesity are worrisome. In some cases, statistics indicate that as many as 10 percent of children age four to five are overweight, twice the amount from 20 years prior. As children get older, that number increases as well. Now, one in five kids between the ages of six and 11 are overweight. READ MORE >>

When you are sick, it’s imperative that you have the access to the medical care you need. Although there are many new and exciting changes going on in the insurance industry, you may not always have access to your own, permanent health insurance plan. READ MORE >>

Melanoma, commonly known as skin cancer, is the most common of all cancers. The single most effective way to prevent the disease is to protect yourself from dangerous UV rays. Never plan to spend time outdoors without some basic necessities to keep yourself safe. READ MORE >>

Having a health insurance policy that covers doctor and hospital visits is crucial for staying in good health, but prescription drug coverage is another important consideration. Do you know if your new health insurance policy covers your prescription drugs, and at what cost to you? READ MORE >>

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